Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Student Stories

I remembered these today and laughed out loud.

"Jesse, do you know have one of those pornographic cameras?"
"Do you mean panoramic?"
"No."  But he looks a little confused.
"You do know that you're asking me if I have a camera that videotapes people having sex."
"Yeah, I mean it's so awesome that it's pornographic!"

I think it's worth noting that he was describing one of the first 24p cameras, awesome about 8 years ago but truly old school now.  Huge and not even HD.

"Jesse, can I go outside to fart?"
"No." I continue with the lesson. In front of the class.
"OK, well, I'm gonna fart."
I ignore him and move on.
"I just farted."
I crack up.  I can't help it.  Everyone thinks that I'm laughing because it smells but really I just can't keep up my adult front anymore.  I am a teenager at heart.



  1. :D Love the fart anecdote. In my limited experience students love it when you let your guard down like that though.

    PS Long time reader, first time commenter! I referenced your post on discourse in the maths classroom last week. My goal for the year is to work on that.

    PPS My students all have tests in the next week and I'm going to bake them cookies. I think I will have to ease into getting them to meditate first, though :-)

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