Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"replace ambition with curiosity" - paraphrasing nancy stark smith
let go of assumption.
my ideas of the day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 2009

I want to say a word about hope here.

I want to say a word about how the most important thing is just to show up, to have faith, to be present, to fuck up and know it and still love yourself completely, and show up the next day, still with faith and a willingness to be present, to really see what is happening in this moment, now.

I want to say a word about how a person can spend 4 years teaching and feeling incompetent and frustrated and like it doesn't matter, and then out of the blue, for relatively unimportant reasons, ten kids that you taught when you were just starting, tell you without hesitation or qualification how you changed their lives, and then go back to talking about pizza and what they're going to do after school.

I want to say a word about the importance of uncomplicated friendship that rejuvenates and inspires, clarifies, answers, supports.

I want to say a word about gratitude. To be able to notice any of this is the whole point, I think.

We are revolutionaries, all of us, each of us doing the best we can, loving and hoping and serving every day, even the ones that feel like a total sham. Eat it. Enjoy it. Live it. Trust it. Take it. It's yours.