Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Learning Network, Teaching with the NYTimes

I was honored to be a part of a meeting with the lovely and tremendous women (both former teachers) who are writing the The Learning Network, the education blog for the New York Times. They "curate" the Times for educational purposes, encouraging readership, literacy and global awareness for anyone who can go online.
We (I, 5 other math teachers, two awesome folks from MfA and the writers of the blog) were there to talk about how they can develop the math education portion of what they do. Apparently the most searched phrase on the entire blog is test prep, and so the remarkable Patrick Honner wrote some. Check out his "quiz" on financial literacy. Give comments if you have feedback.
I also recommend just generally checking out the website. They put up all kinds of cool stuff for teachers and kids, daily lesson plans, comments from kids, cool questions and interactive surveys and stuff. It's a great resource.
I'll keep you posted as we (hopefully) contribute some more mathy stuff too.

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