Friday, May 7, 2010

Kuta Software

Yeah, Kuta Software!
I realized this week that I hadn't mentioned the online worksheet resource I use most for arithmetic and algebra. My colleague and old co-teacher Cristina found it. The site has tons of free worksheets, great for practice and exercise, the kind of thing that I like to use so that I can put my creativity to activity planning rather than writing problems or formatting worksheets for simple practice.
They have also recently added a Geometry section, and if you have a PC, I bet it would be AWESOME to buy their program that helps you design and create your own worksheets.
Check them out!
Happy Friday.


  1. I'm teaching Algebra 1 for the first time this year, and our textbook is old and lacks enough practice problems for my students. The Kuta Software programs are amazing, especially if you have students who need extra practice on a specific type of problem. You can make a worksheet that fits your needs in just a minute or two and have instant practice problems with solutions. The software is great because it allows you to control many parameters of each problem type. For example, if your students are graphing linear equations, you can choose the form of the equation, whether a graph is provided, edit the directions, and regenerate problems by simply pressing the spacebar. Plus there's a presentation mode within the program or you can export the problem or answer as a bitmap image to paste into a word document or presentation. My one major complaint is that the software doesn't fit as many problems per page as I can (it's limited to two columns of problems per page), but it is still worth every penny I paid. It's worth it to download the two week trial to try it out!

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