Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bieber, yeah

Lately I've been oh so bummed out about teaching.  Why is it still so hard after all these years?  I'm so ready to enjoy it so much more, to have it be so much easier, whatever.

My sister is in town, and this afternoon she stopped by office hours and met three of my students, all studying for a quiz tomorrow, even though it's the first week of 2nd quarter and they've never come to office hours before, and it's after 4pm, etc. etc.

I have been forgetting that 75% of the job is awesome.  Exactly what I want, exactly what I am good at, exactly what will help me grow into being more of the person I want to be, exactly that thing (one thing, anyway) that will serve the world.

This morning in my most adorable class, one of my most adorable students asked me if I had dressed up as Justin Bieber for Halloween.  I was like, "Yo, I'm dressed up like Justin Bieber every day" and started singing Baby, Baby, Baby.  He asked me to do a head toss like Justin.  I did it.  It was hilarious and adorable.  Have I mentioned how cute my students are?

Remember the good stuff, people.  Especially now as it gets dark and Thanksgiving blues attack our sweet ones.  Take time to connect with the kids you love, the kids who love you.  You're doing great.  You're doing great.  You're doing great.


  1. And make a "feel good" folder -- paper or electronic. Where you can write down and put some of the good moments, or thank you notes, or nice emails... whatever. And when you're down, just open that up and think: "I don't totally suck." :)


  2. Very True! I like to keep all the little cards, signs, and pictures that my middle schoolers give me. It's great motivation! 2 students left me thanksgiving cards the other day with "thanks for all that you do for us" and "enjoy it with your family." This brought it home and I will always remember that moment sitting at my desk at the end of the day reading them. It marked that some do respond to the little things we do in class, how we (teachers) show that we are human, we have feelings, and we love our familys.

  3. Remember that even though we teachers have a tendency to focus on the 5% of the students/parents that give us the most problems, it's the other 95% of the student/parent body that really appreciates what we do that we CANNOT lose sight of.... Hang in there:)