Friday, April 16, 2010

Go to the Kaplans' Math Circle Institute!

After reading Out of the Labyrinth and meeting Bob and Ellen Kaplan last year, I had the immeasurable pleasure of attending their week long intensive at Notre Dame last summer. It was the best professional development I had attended up till that point: I learned a ton of math, I got to teach a bunch of math circles, and I built professional relationships that continue to sustain my enthusiasm for teaching today. I am so inspired by the work that the Kaplans do, and highly encourage anyone interested in cultivating more enthusiasm and fascination in themselves and their students to read their books and go to their intensive this summer.

"Since 1994 The Math Circle at Harvard and Northeastern Universities has made math a source of intense delight and collegial enjoyment for students from 4 to 70. Our approach is to have the students do the discovering and proving for themselves, in friendly conversation.

Branches have now opened elsewhere in America, and abroad, thanks to the Summer Institute we hold for a week on the campus of Notre Dame. This summer it meets from July 5th to 11th. The cost is $800 for room, board and all expenses (except travel). If you are interested in running a Math Circle yourself or using its approach in your classroom, please contact Bob and Ellen Kaplan:"

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